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Is Bihar really an alcohol free state now?

It is almost two years of the official alcohol ban in Bihar, but can we say the Bihar is really an alcohol-free state? The answer is no! If we have to booze, we can get it easily at the higher price in the black market. The price of alcohol is three times more than the original price. You just have to keep your wallet heavy for the party!

The rule and the truth behind it!

The government imposed the rule of the alcohol ban in Bihar on April 5th, 2016 with some very strong acquisition for the people of Bihar. The law is very strict! If you caught with alcohol, you may have to serve up to 10 years in jail. You may not get anticipatory bail. The imposing of the alcohol ban in Bihar was a mixed decision of right and wrong. Some said this will have a negative impact on the economy, while others supported this tremendous decision by the government.

According to my view, alcohol ban in Bihar is a remarkable decision but at the same time, the government should take some strong action against the black marketing of it. The black marketing of alcohol in the state is at its peak. There are several places in capital Patna where you can get booze for your party.

News and some fun fact

We all have heard or seen a lot of news about alcohol ban in Bihar in these two years! A news in media reported about the police department claims about 9 lakh litres of alcohol taken into custody. In an article, NDTV quoted that “Over 9 lakh litres of Indian and foreign alcohol seized in raids have reportedly been swilled by rats in the dingy stores of police stations.”

On the almost daily basis, we can hear news about seizing of alcohol bottles or any vehicle carrying alcohol. This shows how desperate the black marketers are to make more money from it. These alcohol bottles, being brought to the state in trucks are also helping the police department procure illegal money. In November 2017, a team of Excise and Prohibition department seized 300 cartons of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), worth about Rs 1 crore in Muzaffarpur. The team also arrested two people as an accuse.

The decision for the public

No doubt, the life has improved for many after alcohol ban in Bihar. Before alcohol ban, it is said, there used to be daily fights and domestic violence cases which seems to have now abated. The crime rate in the state is somewhat low. Domestic violence is now very low and less number of cases has been filed. There also has lessened the number of road accidents in the state. Last year Patna High Court ruled against the Bihar government law of anticipatory bail. The court said, the accused in a case should be granted anticipatory bail.

In spite of so many laws and arrests, the ground reality of alcohol ban in Bihar is very dull. There are various places all over Bihar where you can get alcohol at ease, you just have to be in right connection. The lawmakers are getting it easily, so are the protector of it. Many of such cases do not reach the ears of common people. For making an alcohol free Bihar there need a lot of groundwork behind it and also the support of common people.

If you have to party, make your parties alcohol free!

Let us make “Nasha Mukt Bihar as Badhta Bihar”!

What is your opinion on this alcohol ban in Bihar! Please share your valuable opinion in the comment section below. You can also write any of your queries to us, Contact us!

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Badhta Bihar News
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