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Patna Road: A series of flyovers

Hello Patnites, in today’s article of Badhta Bihar today we will discuss the roads and flyovers in Patna. The number of flyovers, their description and beauty it gives to the city along with some comforts. We will also discuss one major problem i.e traffic jam we face during the peak hours daily.

No doubt, roads not only in urban but also in rural areas has improved since last 10 years, but at the same time, there needs a lot to be developed. In this article, we will only focus on Patna. Patna road consists a series of flyovers, either it is bailey road or Chiraiyatand, Anisabad flyover or Karbigahiya, all give a change and beauty to the city. The view of the city from the different angle makes it more soothing to the eye. When we stand on the newly built station flyover, the place itself gives an amazing view of railway station along with the Hanuman Mandir, on the other side, we can have a clear view of Buddha Smriti Park.

Major Flyovers of Patna

    • Bailey Road Flyover
      Total Length- 2.9 KM | Year of Completion – 2015
      After completion in July 2015, Bailey road flyover is now one of the longest flyovers in Patna covering the distance of 2.9 km. On the heart of Patna, this flyover spread from Jagdeo path to Sheikhpura more, this double laned flyover consists of around 100 pillars to hold its strength. It has been constructed at the cost of 300 crores. While crossing from this flyover we can observe the beauty of the city, tall buildings beside them. It also has made the travel easy for the people, living on the western side of Patna. This connects the main city to Danapur and Khagaul. Before this flyover, there were occasions when it took almost 2 hours to cover the distance of 5 km due to heavy rush on bailey road.
    • Mithapur Over Bridge
      Total Length- 2.31 KM | Year of Completion – 2011 
      Another flyover in Patna which connects three major sides of the city which are Mithapur Bus stand, Income tax and R Block Golumber. This flyover is built over the railway line and helps in easy transportation for the people of Patna. This flyover is now extended and added to the Chiraiyatand flyover which definitely has reduced the traffic on station road.
    • Chiraiyatand Flyover 
      Total Length- 1.5 KM | Year of Completion – 2006 
      One of the old and famous flyovers is Chiraiyatand which help us to connect from Kankarbagh side to Patna junction and reduce the traffic loads from other roads. This flyover is now extended to Gandhi Maidan. When we have to travel from Gandhi Maidan to Kankarbagh, this newly built flyover on exhibition road takes only a few minutes. It also connects Karbigahiya from Kankarbagh and Rajendra Nagar terminal.

Upcoming Flyovers In Patna

There are some new flyovers upcoming in the city and are under construction. The most awaited Ganga driveway is one of them. Ganga expressway will cover the distance of 23.5 km and will help in reducing the loads on Digha road, Kurji road, Gandhi Maidan, Ashok Rajpath and Patna city. Ganga expressway estimated deadline is December 2019.  One of under construction flyovers in Patna is Rajbanshi Nagar to the high court. This flyover will reduce the traffic on Hartali more and Punaichak. Another one is under construction on Mithapur bus stand road. It will connect Patna Junction directly to the bypass road. One of under construction flyover is Anisabad to Phulwari sharif which will reduce the traffic jams of Anisabad.

Construction of flyovers not only reduces the traffic loads of the road but at the same time it enhances the look of the city. All we need to have patience and keep supporting the people who are working hard for our better convenience.

Why the Traffic?

Besides, this much of flyovers in Patna we still face problems in traffic, and the condition is very much critical. We will surely find the jams on bailey road near Hartali more and Income Tax Golambar. The city having the population more than 22 lakhs and area of 99.97 sq km, the number of the vehicle is increasing day by day. According to a report average increment in vehicles in the state is second highest in country i.e around 15.4%. We all want to have comfort in our lives, so we all want the accessories we need in our daily life.

The main reason behind traffic jams, as per my opinion is increasing the number of vehicles. You must be thinking what we can do, as we all have the necessity of using our own vehicle. But wait, we can change our surrounding, as we humans have the ultimate power to make changes! We can share the vehicle with our neighbours, friends and families. We can also use public transport for less distance or wherever we can. I can guarantee, It will surely reduce the traffic on roads and we can reach our destination at the time.

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