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Popular Fairs and Festivals of Bihar

Today, we will let you know about some festivals of Bihar. Festivals always break the monotony of day-to-day life and inspire us to promote love and brotherhood in our society. India is the land of tremendous varied cultures, festivals and events. Whichever part of the country you visit, you will come across various festivals and events that are different from each other. Every region beholds the unique tradition and religion to celebrate some unique festival around the country. It fascinating to witness these festivities across the different states with different culture and traditions.

Bihar being a part of this ancient land is no exception and has a long list of celebrations. People of Bihar celebrates festivals like Durga Puja, Bhaiya Dooj, Holi, Saraswati Puja etc. The one festival uniquely associated with Bihar is Chhath Puja. This festival is being celebrated from ancient times. Apart from these, Bihar government have also initiated many events and festivals as an important tool to develop the socio-economic scenario by creating financial opportunities and rendering harmony in this multi-communal society. One of the departments of Bihar government i.e Bihar Tourism takes the active part in promoting about more than 20 festivals in the State.

Some Popular Festivals of Bihar

  • Chhath Puja
    This one one of the most popular festivals of Bihar. Chhath Puja is an ancient Hindu festival, dedicated to Sun. This festival is celebrated 6 days after Diwali. In this festival of Bihar, Sun is worshipped as an expression of thanksgiving and seeking blessings from the almighty Sun. This festival is celebrated in the month of Kartik as per Hindu calendar. For this 4-day festival, people maintain sanctity and purity from even a month ahead.
  • Ramnavmi
    Ramnavmi is one of the major Hindu festival celebrated all across the country. This festival is celebrated on the auspicious day when lord RAMA was born.
  • Sama-Chakeva
    This Sama-Chakeva festival is mainly celebrated in Mithila region of Bihar at the start of winter season. People dedicate this festival to the celebration of the brother-sister relationship. In the start of winter season, colourful birds from the Himalaya region migrate to the plain and on this occasion, Sama-Chakeva is being celebrated.
  • Pitrpaksha Mela
    District Gaya of Bihar holds this festival every year in the month of September. In this festival people from all over the state come to Gaya in order to worship their ancestors as part of the shraddha ceremony.

Fairs and Festivals Initiated by Bihar Government

Bihar Tourism department holds various festivals and fairs to improve the essence and brotherhood among the people of Bihar. Some of the major initiatives by the government of state are:

  • Buddha Festival
    Being the world heritage, Bodhgaya is one of the major destinations for the people all across the world. Buddha Festival is one of the true international festivals for the tourists, delegates and scholars from all over the world. It is celebrated to spread the message of peace and to bring equilibrium in human life. This is one of the major festivals of Bihar.
  • Sonepur Festival
    Every year, people of Bihar celebrates one of the best cattle festivals in order to exchange the animals. This festival is known as the best place to buy or sell various kind of animals and their breeds. It is celebrated in the month of Karthik on the occasion of the full moon. Also known as Harihar Kshetra Mela, this festival attracts the tourists from across Asia.
  • Rajgir Mahotsav
    One of the many festivals of Bihar, Rajgir Mahotsav is organised to celebrate the cultural and historical importance of the ancient city of Rajgir. The city becomes the hot destination for the people from all over the world to observe the essence of this place.
  • Vaishali Festival / Bihar Divas
    On the auspicious occasion of the birth of 24th Tirthankara of Jains, Mahavir, this festival is celebrated in the month of Chaitra. 22nd March has been marked as Bihar Divas by the government to celebrate the birth of Mahavir Jain as the birth date of Bihar. This festival can also be observed in different parts of the country where the people from Jain religion lives.

As a part of this diverse culture, we feel proud to celebrate such festivities in our state. Other than these festivals there are many others such as recently celebrated Basant Mela, Makar Sankranti, Vat Savitri etc.

These festivals in state attract the tourists from all across the world and help Bihar in the improvement of their tourist attractions.


Badhta Bihar News
Badhta Bihar News
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