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6 Bihar Tourist Places you must explore this weekend!

Bihar, often overlooked in favor of more famous tourist places, harbors a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. These Bihar tourist places are lesser-known locales offer a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural richness. If you’re looking for an offbeat adventure this weekend, here are 6 unknown places in Bihar that deserve a spot on your itinerary.

Wat Thai Temple, Bodhgaya

The Wat Thai Temple, Bodhgaya, stands as a Royal Thai Monastery that vividly exhibits the rich colors of Thai culture and tradition through its distinctive Monarch style architecture.

As one of the famous Bihar tourist places, it is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden and features a cafe that serves authentic Thai cuisine, prepared by a Thai chef!

6 Bihar Tourist Places you must explore this weekend!

Interestingly, the temple complex also houses a meditation hall where visitors can participate in traditional Thai meditation practices. The intricate carvings and murals inside the temple narrate the life of Buddha, making it a spiritual haven for visitors.

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nalanda

A hit among the foreigners visiting India, the Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall in Nalanda is built in traditional Chinese style. It commemorates Hiuen Tsang, the Chinese traveler who, after touring all of Asia, arrived in Nalanda and lived here for 12 long years during the Gupta dynasty, researching Buddhism and Mysticism.

Bronze murals and portraits are major attractions. When you visit, don’t forget to ring the huge bell near the entrance for good fortune! This memorial is a highlight among Bihar tourist places. Unknown to many, the memorial hall also hosts rare manuscripts and relics from Hiuen Tsang’s travels, offering a deep dive into the historical connections between India and China.

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nalanda
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Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library, Patna

One of the oldest and top libraries in India, the Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library in Patna boasts a vast collection of 21,000 manuscripts and 2.5 lakh printed books in various languages. This treasure trove of knowledge has attracted many famous visitors, including Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Jawaharlal Nehru.

A must-visit among Bihar tourist places, the library also holds an impressive collection of miniature paintings, ancient coins, and calligraphy samples. Unknown to many, the library’s founder, Khuda Bakhsh, was known to personally travel to various parts of the world to acquire rare books and manuscripts, making this library a global repository of knowledge.

khuda bakhsh oriental-public library

Brahmayoni Hills, Gaya

Mentioned in the Mahabharata, Brahmayoni Hills in Gaya are believed to represent the female energy, or yoni, of God Brahma. Visitors must climb around 424 high stone steps to reach the top, where a temple and two narrow caves, Brahmayoni and Matreyoni, await exploration.

This site is a significant and intriguing part of Bihar tourist places. Lesser-known details include that the caves are believed to have been used by ancient sages for meditation, and the panoramic view from the top offers a breathtaking glimpse of the surrounding landscape, making the climb truly rewarding.

Brahmayoni Hills

Gurpa Hills , Gaya

Situated on the Bihar-Jharkhand border, Gurpa Hills is considered sacred among Buddhists. Visitors must climb 1,680 steps to reach the top, where a stupa and a temple stand. According to legend, it is believed that when the future Buddha appears in the world, he will first visit Gurpa Hills to wake up Maha Kassapa (a disciple of Buddha who took his last breath here) and then start a new journey.

This revered site is a significant highlight among Bihar tourist places. Interestingly, the hills are also home to diverse flora and fauna, and the path to the top is lined with rare medicinal plants that have been used in traditional healing practices for centuries.

Gurpa Hills Gaya

Karkatgarh Waterfall, Kaimur

Karkatgarh Waterfall in Kaimur, a natural habitat of crocodiles, is set to become the first crocodile conservation reserve in Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar envisions developing it as a prime location for eco-tourism. Besides its ecological significance, Karkatgarh Waterfall is also known for its stunning natural beauty, making it a hidden gem among Bihar tourist places.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery and rocky terrain, providing a perfect spot for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Local folklore adds a mystical charm to the area, with tales of hidden treasures and ancient rituals performed near the falls.

Additionally, the site is also a hotspot for birdwatching, with numerous species of migratory birds visiting the area, enhancing its appeal to nature enthusiasts.

Karkatgarh Waterfall, Kaimur

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