High Performance Water Mist injection Custom tuned for application

"Water-Mist-Injection" System
for Turbo or Supercharged Engines

  Water injection has many benefits, the main reason for its use is to cool the IAT  (intake air temperature) to achieve better performance. This is similar (but a LOT better) than how your truck runs better on a cool or rainy day, with turbo and supercharged engines the effect is even more noticeable as they compress the air to force feed the engine for additional power, that compression creates heat and with added heat then power  drops off. The key is to stop the power drop off by keeping things cool at near ideal operational coolant temperature of 180 degrees F. 

    "Water Mist injection" is our Trade Name for this product.

  IMPORTANT: Additionally the GM 6.5 Diesel Engines (and some other engines) are designed so the computer will cut back fuel when Engine Coolant Temperature rises to help protect the engine, as a result power falls off drastically, not the thing you want to happen just at the lower portion of a grade as the engine is starting to work more and heats up a little and needs all the help it can get to make it up the grade. Our system helps keep things cool so you power levels stay up and you can make it up the grades with ease!

  One other way to reduce IATs is another form of air charge cooler (or air intake cooler), is an intercooler, but the really nice thing about water injection as opposed to many intercooler kits is that you do not have an expensive part hanging in an area where it could be easily damaged.  On the GM 6.2/6.5 Diesel trucks often the location chosen by the sellers for an intercooler on the 6.5 diesel trucks is where GM installs an optional thick metal plate or 'skid plate' to protect the truck from damage, as pictured below,

                      GM Truck Skid Plate, This is  NO Place to put an intercooler! GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel | Copyright 2009 a1customs.com | Picture is of the factory skid-plate, this is where most 6.5 intercoolers mount, in harms way!

  So you can see an intercooler in that location is NOT a good idea for many truck owners.  Water injection is the better option as it is easier to install and takes up much less room and has added benefits that intercoolers just do not have and no parts are in that area to get damaged. Intercooler tubing take up a lot of underhood room and can add labor costs when engine servicing is needed. To read more on why an intercooler is not the best choice click here.

                      Water injection, Water Mist injection pump for SUPERCHARGED and TURBO Engines | Copyright 2009 a1customs.com | 
  Our system's high-pressure industrial grade pump and special misting nozzles assures proper spray pattern. 

  We have had NO need to install the 1997 Cooling Upgrades while using the water injection. We also found that the dual auxiliary cooling fans are no longer needed when using the water injection because everything stays nice and cool.  Under some extreme conditions it may be beneficial though to have both auxiliary electric fans and the Water injection.

Key Benefits

Our recommendations for cooling the GM 6.5 Turbo-Diesel What one diesel page website recommends as modifications for cooling the GM 6.5 Turbo-Diesel total $6,175.00!
Water-Mist-injection (WMI) $449.95, (plus tank avg. $75.00) 
Only basic hand tools and basic skills are usually required to install.
18:1 Low Compression Pistons $1000.00+ to supposedly reduce cylinder temperatures.
NOTE: Requires additional and very expensive engine disassembly, cleaning, machine work and reassembly, about $2,500.00!
Read Note about low-comp pistons.

nothing else needed with WMI

Intercooler $1550.00+ to reduce intake are temperature (IAT) 
NOTE: requires a fair bit of mechanical skill and more than basic tools to install.
SEE chart on intercooler below
nothing else needed with WMI '97 cooling upgrades $350.00+ adds more flow to current system
NOTE: they recommend a gear-drive timing set at the same time. 
NOTE: requires a fair bit of mechanical skill and more than basic tools to install.
nothing else needed with WMI Gear drive timing set $325.00+ 
NOTE: requires a fair bit of mechanical skill and more than basic tools to install. 
nothing else needed with WMI Earlier engaging fan clutch $250.00+ 

WMI kit is only $449.95 and tanks average about $75.00 in most areas.

TOTAL $3,675.00+ PLUS the added cost for expensive engine work to install the pistons of about another $2,500.00=$6,175.00

 So as you can see from the above chart the sites pushing products for GM diesels recommends a large bill of goods (and some seriously expensive machine shop work) to reduce the cylinder temperatures and keep the 6.5TD running cooler, and then when your being sold on that stuff and need the engine work for the pistons you'll be advised to get splayed main caps and other nonsense you don't need and that can even be detrimental to the engine.  All that nonsense is recommended by them when one simply needs to use a water-mist-injection system to keep the 6.5 running cooler. 

  Water-Mist-injection 6.5 "Big" Intercooler
Parts Industrial Grade pump and parts, can be run dry. Very expensive part, heat-exchanger (intercooler) mounts in harms way
Installation Requires only basic mechanical skills and basic hand tools. labor intensive installation requiring more than basic tools and skills.
Design Professional Design does not mount in proper location.
Function Works when needed mounts at less than a 90 degree angle, so most air passes by or slips off or past unit.
Effectiveness Works well at slower speeds and higher loads when needed, as well as higher speeds. when vehicle is going uphill and lows down when it needs added cooling, there is less air passing through it due to the slower vehicle speed. Less effective when needed.
Turbo lag NONE added Turbo-lag INCREASES from piping and intercooler/heat-exchanger
Added strain on turbocharger NONE, actually extends life by keeping it cooler Turbo has to work harder to make boost through the added restriction of the intercooler/heat-exchanger, WORK=HEAT.
Maintenance Required Fill with water, check or clean screens periodically. Add alcohol or turn unit off and run dry for winter. Plugs up with bugs, sticks, leaves and other debris and loses effectiveness requiring regular cleaning. Pipes loosen up and can rattle and cause problems.
on/off ability has on/off switch always on, can be too cool for wintertime
Future Vehicle Servicing Very few parts to get in the way of vehicle servicing pipes and added parts will cause increased labor cost for future servicing as they're in the way, also pipes can loosen up
Cost.  $449.95 + can be installed in a couple hours.
(tank not included; avg. $75.00)
$1500.00+ plus a LOT of labor!

                        GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Water Mist injection, water injection, 6.5 diesel, | Copyright 2009 a1customs.com |
Above is an older picture during testing (note gauge) of one of our prototype Water/Alcohol-Mist-injection systems back in the day.

 This is a properly designed and thoroughly tested system with a proven track record, designed for and developed specifically for the GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engines, (we do make systems for other popular applications too.)
Top quality parts and materials are in our systems and products, and we designers of these systems.

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Disclaimer: This is an aftermarket product, so its use could possibly void your warranty, due to these facts buyer accepts all responsibility for it's use, and his/her actions, there is no warranty either expressed or implied as to use of this product.   The Magnus-Moss Warranty Act  prohibits a dealer or manufacturer from voiding your warranty unless a product is directly responsible for a failure.  

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