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  We'd like to start off by stating that we do not care to speak bad about anyone ever, and would really rather not, however we are compelled to do so for 2 reasons;
    1) When good people have been and are being taken advantage of, misled or cheated, we feel an obligation to society to make people in the diesel community aware of dishonest or questionable products or unethical business practices. Obviously it is a scam if someone (a seller or their salesman) promises that a cheaper product will work great like a better product, but it does not live up to the promise or customer expectation, as a result good people end up spending money on cheap stuff that is ineffective, improper or even potentially harmful! Then the good customer has to go and buy the better product that they would have got in the first place had they know the cheaper one was not going to work properly. We sell plenty of products to customers who have bought cheap or lesser quality items the first time around, it ends up costing them almost double in the long run because they bought something essentially worthless the first time from another vendor and then had to buy quality the next time around.
2) Often on diesel forums there are a few 'salesmen' guys who were unethically posting slanderous lies badmouthing Jim and our products to try to sell theirs, so here we clear the air and set the facts straight on that nonsense. You will have the information to understand a bit about who they are, what they do, and why they do it, and you can read the facts about why some of their products are not good and in fact in some cases can be harmful or dangerous!

 IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Most of the diesel web discussion forums are owned, run or at the very least controlled, swayed or influenced in some way by those selling products, so often you cannot believe what you read.

 This is very interesting and if you read at any forums on GM diesels, or plan to, then you definitely should read all of this page and explore the linked pages.

Since the internet took off and became popular, the sales of inferior products by individuals and small new primarily online businesses had taken off as well, and with that came a LOT of untested and unproven and sometimes even dangerous products being sold, this pages addresses those concerning products and information for the GM 6.2 & 6.5 Diesel Engines.

 We'd like to bring to your attention that there are a many web discussion forums on Diesels some which mainly have an interest in GM Diesels, it has been my experience (and that of many) that a few or more of those forums geared to GM diesels are run unethically and dishonestly. They either sell products themselves or promote those of their friends or "advertisers" and do so in ways that can be misleading.

 One "ethically challenged" diesel discussion forum based in Montana, that mainly focuses on GM diesels, we know for a fact (by that site owners own admission) that they have received free products and require advertising commitments (often long term) to do or for so-called product "reviews" or "feature" articles or 'editorial' write ups. We find that to be most dishonest and unethical.
 To make matters worse they are not too forthcoming with their readers about it, and worse still those reader's pay for a membership there, and often do not know any of that. So most unsuspecting people would think they are getting unbiased and honest information, however in essence the readers (paying member's) are paying to read advertisements that read as articles and reviews. Again, we find that to be most dishonest and unethical.

 The one site even has paying advertisers yet still charges a membership! We have a problem with paying for a site to read misleading 'articles' or 'reviews' disguised as advertisements, do you? especially when presented in a different format than a regular ad. Advertisements presented as articles, the ones in magazines like that at least usually have some fine print saying "advertisement", so their ads without that mislead, are deceptive at best, if not downright illegal.

 If all that's not bad enough,  those forums usually prohibit links to other products of non-advertisers, especially ones they fear are competitive and in most cases better, they limit who can be a member and it appears decide arbitrarily as to what cannot be discussed in the forum, they even set their forum software to automatically edit **** some suppliers or manufacturers names!
= SHADY! and unethical.

 They have even banned paying members who simply do not share their views. The private message and/or email address features of the forum software was/is turned off in what seems to be a deliberate attempt to discourage member interaction so they "control" the info members have access to. Again members pay but are denied certain relevant information and/or access to other information

 Do you find it odd that it seems only a few of their "advertisers" post in their forum?, doesn't that make you wonder why the others don't or can't?

 At some of these forums, We've often read many of what appear to be false "testimonials" and others where entire threads appear to be staged to sell products (mainly for that one "advertiser") or make them appear to be good, or that more people have them than actually do, or they twist facts to mislead, or they slander/libel the better products and better reputations of others and make false statements and imply problems or concerns that simply do not exist with the better products, so of course have NO facts to back up their statements.

 One of the 'rip-off artists' also copies product ideas and/or designs and then tries to sell them at a higher price, which certainly does NOT mean better product as he'd like to have you think, and when asked or challenged to back up his claims that character retreats or come out under various aliases with personal slander attacks that have no relevance to the products.

 One of the 'competitors' badmouthing us was a guy who was operating a trailer sales business in rural Wisconsin (and apparently not doing to well at that), and had little if any diesel knowledge and suddenly came on the scene pushing his products on the forum, spouting off and then badmouthing Jim and his products, with no valid basis for his comments, but this same character then tried to copy many of Jim's products and designs of which he had badmouthed Jim for years over! After badmouthing the remote harness many times and saying it could not work, and advising against it, the hypocrite later copied and now sells a knock-off harness, and for more money, this guy's first attempt at a harness knock off used a METAL connector! needless to say problems with his harness shorting out and corrosion from that poor design were quickly revealed.
 Another individual from upstate New York bought some of our products and then promptly went to trying to copy them and sell his knockoffs actually out of his garage, he was pushing his items on forums and on Ebay, where he still does today. Click this link for Ebay feedback of that and other Ebay sellers of PMD coolers for GM Diesels. There also were some defects in an air filter and reulting engine parts damage, and complaints about some other products he sells.

 We've noticed often when someone writes in on those sites and says anything not to their liking the same characters (and their many aliases) seem to come out on the attack to push that person out and it also seems some of those persons use false names or 'aliases' to make themselves appear as different people, even to the point where they ask a question and then answer it, or pat themselves on their own back! The aliases appear to be used to influence the topic to mislead to make their limited view appear to be that of a majority and/or to influence the reader in to making a purchase.

 We've even noted the forum site administrators, webmasters and/or moderators at their site and/or elsewhere, making false and slanderous statements or bad-mouthing regarding other people or products! Such user names used are; "More Power", "JohnC", "Turbine Doc", "Jfaire"/"JiFaire", "16gaSxS" "mackin" and other user names or aliases used like "Dan Hunter" "dieselboy28" , "DieselPro" "DieselTech" (spoof of GmDieselTech a legitimate diesel guru who was a moderator at many sites offering free tech help, but one of those scammers even got the domain name gmdieseltechDOTcom to try mislead people to try to make $ off of the real GmDieselTech's good name! so note the dishonest lengths these few guys go to.) They have plenty many more user names (aliases), too many to list,  and even go as so far as to post on non diesel oriented boards or forums posting slander about others and posting links to their sites!

 Here is a post of a legitimate concern made by a Diesel Tech!, Notice the time, with in 12 hours "Jfiaire" finds it and immediately goes at making a personal attack on the poster! Notice the many "new user" posts and aliases used to attack and try to undermine the serious topic. One has to wonder why this guy is searching the internet for posts about diesel product suppliers all day, every day and had MANY THOUSANDS of posts on many sites but claims to have no financial interest or gain from doing so... but his claims as always are hardly believable...

 Here is a classic example of a slanderous TOPIC CREATED by "Jfiaire" made; he operates out of Canada (and admits it) so prosecution is much more difficult; and worthy of mention is that the disreputable seller in NY is very close to the New York / Canada Border, so it is very quick and easy access to Canada to operate some kind slander attacks from there. Map searches of the address confirms that. http://www.scam.com/showpost.php?p=284763&postcount=1  
 The clear and undisputable proof against that slander is on our; Invention, Design & Manufacturing Page, Our Feedback Page, and Contact Page.

Please note that Jim (a1customs) posted on a few forums long ago giving tech help and only near the initial release of his products did he respond to the attacking lies and slander, and did so very rarely, so that scammer's claim that a1customs posted bad things about others is clearly false and easily proven in web searches, very few if any posts by a1customs since 2002. Someone is lying and sure is not Jim, one needs to just check the evidence to know for sure.

http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=120376 this is an interesting topic in to why scam.com allows those few dishonest guys and their multiple personality disorder slander/rant postings. It seems that site gets it's revenue based on the amount of site traffic it gets, and does not seem to care how they get it.

Another post by a supposed "Forum Moderator" "Turbine Doc" is; "Trash talk at both of those vendors is a big negative for me, your products can be very good quality as most of their stuff is but customer relation during & after the sale is important, and any vendor that starts out with "you don't want that junk" is not way to begin a conversation with me, I'm fine with an explanation of differences, but "trash talk at onset is a huge negative IMO". Of course A1 Customs/DMAXBIZHOSTING found through google search or other search isn't even worth mentioning other than to issue the warning STAY VERY FAR AWAY from him." NOTICE how he states "trash talk is a big negative", i guess only when he considers it from others, because he goes right on to 'trash talk' and attack us for no reason and we or our products were never even mentioned there!, Clearly that guy has issues and posts like a weak competitor, you decide.  Now read his signature= Tim (A-ACLU #29) 98 (S)K1500,3.73 gear,4L80,Heath 4"exh,Amsoil air & bypass oil flts,Heath fan clutch,Stans Xover,pilar mtd BST/EGT/TRN,remote 12v fan tran cool,PML trans pan, PML diff cover, Hi pops, Heath PCM,Heath remote FSD, HDP Balance Flow, Heath lift pump, SSBC front calipers, EGR rear disc conversion, Goodrich brake lines, No-Slip locker, Roadmaster suspension, Lube specialist oil lines, Putnam lock & load hitch, A-team turbo. 98 C1500 Burb Heath reflash,exhaust,ATT, Heath cooling system, Heath FSD <<< NOTICE how many times this guy states the name Heath (as in Heath Diesel) in his profile signature, YES that is EIGHT (8) times in his short email signature!, yet he tries to play that he is not a salesman or pushing anything...? Yikes! and with a Post Count of over 2,600 a year just on that one site, and he is on several with just that one user name, not even mentioning any aliases, it is clear this is what he does FULL TIME! Those are just a few clear examples of what those guys do to mislead the public to promote, push and try to sell their products! = BUYERS BEWARE!

 When their customers have posted on the forums about a problem with one of their faulty products, or that they do not live up to the claims, we and many have noticed that posts are often edited, deleted and often that person is; scolded, suspended or permanently banned from the discussion group for simply mentioning they had a problem with one of their products and are seeking help, that has also occurred to persons who have merely mentioned better products. 

 Most of the diesel web discussion forums are owned, run or at the very least controlled, swayed or influenced in some way by those selling products, so often you cannot believe what you read.

 Also a point to mention is that some of the underhanded tactics used to try to undermine our business by saying we are; not real, operate out of an apartment or basement, and/or do not manufacture our products and other slander etc., so click this link to LOOK at our page; Invention, Design, Research, Development, Manufacturing and Testing, Our Feedback Page, and Contact Page and see the proof to the contrary, and ironically those guys selling, promoting and pushing that stuff and saying that rubbish are mostly operating out of rural farm areas from what appear to be small farm houses or from garages of homes as simple satellite map searches can prove! Nothing wrong with that if they are doing it legally, but when they lie about it and slander other legitimate and reputable businesses is when it is a problem. So you need to be wary of what you read on any diesel forums.

 Click Here for customer feedback and testimonials of our products.

 The point we're making about those sites and the products pushed there is to remember "caveat emptor" = "buyer beware", or in the case of forums "reader beware". Take what you read on the internet with a grain of salt, and consider where it is coming from, especially the testimonials and referrals. It is very easy in discussion forums for dishonest persons to use aliases as mentioned before and for the webmasters/administrators/moderator titles of those forums it is even easier because they control their forums and what you read there. It is a shame there are dishonest and unethical people who try to take advantage of, cheat, mislead or try to harm others.  "In my 30+ years in this industry I have never seen such dishonesty or misleading nonsense as I have seen by those who operate those bad forums I mentioned." -Jim

 "My advice to those seeking information is to seek out as many other sources for information you can about what you want to know, put little credibility the so-called "testimonials" and hearsay on forums, and find what you feel is the most honest information by looking for fact based comparisons on the merits of the products or services to make the best informed decisions you can, as a wise buyer is a happy buyer!"-Jim

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