WARNINGS  about some SCAM or questionable products to AVOID that apparently have little or no R&D (Research & Development)

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  We'd like to start off by stating that we do not care to speak bad about anyone ever, and would really rather not, however we are compelled to do so for 2 reasons;
    1) When good people have been and are being taken advantage of, misled or cheated, we feel an obligation to society to make people in the diesel community aware of dishonest or questionable products or unethical business practices. Obviously it is a scam if someone (a seller or their salesman) promises that a cheaper product will work great like a better product, but it does not live up to the promise or customer expectation, as a result good people end up spending money on cheap stuff that is ineffective, improper or even potentially harmful! Then the good customer has to go and buy the better product that they would have got in the first place had they know the cheaper one was not going to work properly. We sell plenty of products to customers who have bought cheap or lesser quality items the first time around, it ends up costing them almost double in the long run because they bought something essentially worthless the first time from another vendor and then had to buy quality the next time around.
2) Is that often it seems those guys were unethically posting slanderous lies on a few diesel forums badmouthing Jim and our products to try to sell theirs, so here we clear the air and set the facts straight on that nonsense. You will have the information to understand a bit about who they are, what they do, and why they do it, and you can read the facts about why some of their products are not good and in fact in some cases can be harmful or dangerous!

Some of the things being promoted and sold to look out for are;

1) Fan Clutch that comes on earlier; this will take away engine power and reduce mpg. Priced at $250.00 (with supposed discount) it is priced far over and above GM list replacement cost of $99.56, IMHO it's a rip-off. Besides you can make the stock fan come on earlier by simply adjusting the thermostatic spring on it.

2) Gear-Drive Timing Set; removes the cushioning effect the stock chain set has and can possibly result in improper harmonics and stresses that can lead to harmonic balancer / torsional damper failure and lead to severe engine damage.

3) Intercooler; this mounts in a terrible location where the GM optional skid-plate mounts, the thought of putting a $1,500.00 part in harms way is well...  and don't forget  turbo-lag, loosening pipes, and intense installation.

4) Low compression pistons; even when rebuilding are usually not worth the expense, lowering compression will likely reduce power output. Very overpriced compared to normal replacement pistons.

5) Foam Air Filter; the tiny crevices in the foam will tend to plug up to where proper cleaning will eventually be impossible, and worse yet they can deteriorate rapidly, if I had only to choose between a stock paper filter or foam, I'd take paper every time, but thankfully there are oil impregnated cotton gauze filters.

6) Splayed Main Caps;  The splayed caps can help to reduce some crank flex crank and usually do NOT strengthen the block, in fact material removal may weaken a block in those areas but on the Chevy Gas V8s it is not typically a concern as the blocks are not a prone to weakness unlike the 6.2/6.5 Diesel Blocks, in fact many of the oil squirter blocks in 96+ were thinner and some of the weakest!

7) AIR FILTER SOLD BY SSDIESEL SUPPLY: This product sold by ssdiesel supply has be found to be DEFECTIVE where the filter falls apart SENDING METAL PARTS IN TO THE TURBO and/or Engine!!! To date it seems NOTHING has been done to resolve this problem with the customers to fix the turbo/engine damaged by the defective ssdieselsupply product(s)... Also this misleading so-called 'performance intake system' sold by ssdieselsupply of NY sucks HOT underhood are and defeats the engines ability to intake of cooler outside air that even the original stock system provided . Cooler air is known to be much better for performance.  That product is sold on Ebay.
Click this link for Ebay feedback of that and other Ebay sellers of products for GM Diesels.

 It is has been advised that prospective customers of diesel products AVOID any vendors who are selling the aforementioned products or those of lower quality for the above and other reasons.

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