On this page are some excerpts of emails of feedbacks from customers, if you want your feedback posted be sure to let us know as we only chose a few out of the thousands of emails we get. In most cases only partial customer information is posted as we respect our customer's privacy and also to deter unethical competitor's and spammers from trolling and spamming of our customer base.

2005 "These really are best products available for 6.5 diesel, and was very simple to install even a girl could do it ;)) Amazing power from the boost fuel control! ",
Follow Up > 2009 "Very satisfied with the products over the years, well worth the money, better fuel economy from the boost fuel control too!"

"I am skeptical about sending money to just a name off the internet. I would be interested in purchasing the OPS Saver, PDC/PMD Harness, Boost/Fuel Controller Combo, And Transmission Controller",
Follow Up > "I installed everything, and it (all) works great!!!', "A VERY Satisfied customer"
  PDC/PMD, OPSS, BOOST/FUEL CONTROLS  & TRANS CONTROL | Mike Ward, Kings Kustom's | Linden, NJ |

"It arrived on the 24th (shipped regular on the 21st) Thanks for everything. I will be installing over the next two weeks Thanks again" 2007
Follow Up > June 2009 "So far the product has worked great we have had no stalling issues with this engine, thanks for everything, Bill"
County Fire District, Battalion Chief, William T. | Washington, USA |

"The water injection system works AWESOME!, cool to have met you during your trip to Vegas. THANK YOU!"
DS-WMI, BOOST/FUEL CONTROLS | PDC/PMD |1995 Chevrolet C3500 Dually | Michael L. Collins | Las Vegas, NV |
  NOTE: Mike upgraded to our Water Mist injection after buying another company's system that was troublesome and also the cheap steel tank they provided had rusted up too!.

2003 "It is so nice to find someone who values honesty and integrity, tells it straight and like it is and does not only care about just making a sale, who is trustworthy and follows through, ships on time, and who's products are even better than advertised! Thanks"
Follow Up > 2009 "your products are still terrific"
 Daniel Woods | N.P. CA, USA |

 "It was great to meet you Jim, thanks again for the help!" 1999
Follow up> 2006 "I sold the truck to my Dad it is still running great, your products too!"
Follow up> 2007 "The new exhaust you sold me for my Dodge is super, install was a breeze, a lot better then the Kennedy fiasco..."
 1994 Chevrolet Blazer 6.5TD | Mike GBalice | Thousand Oaks, CA USA |
    Click here for Mike Balice's post about nightmare Kennedy exhaust system install.

"Thanks Jim, Still going strong!" 2009 follow up on 2007 order.
| John L | New Zealand

 "Ryan and I enjoyed meeting you in Vegas for SEMA (2000), thanks again for the invite, that was a very nice gesture considering having not met you before."
 Follow up #1>2000 "installed the products they're great! the power of the Boost Fuel Control is nothing short of Amazing!
Follow up #2>2006 "I now live in Idaho primarily and we sold the truck recently, and your products were always reliable as you promised and still working great and going strong still many years later!, I miss it.
Riverside Fire Department | 1998 Chevrolet Suburban | Roland R. Rose | Riverside, CA |
   Click Here for a repost of Roland Rose's post about the nightmare Kennedy Exhaust system install, originals at diesel forum where promoted were removed!

"i had to send walt at ss diesel a video cause he told me there was no way in **** any 6.5 could make over 15 pounds". | Paul |

"Your PMD cooler comes with many Kudos from other diesel techs and from my research your design is indeed superior."
 Technician, Stan P |

"I fitted (fit) the product on the Hummer and it works fine now of course the engien (engine) cutting out problem is solved. The design of the product is amazing."
 Ashik L, Repair Shop Owner | Island of Vanatu

"I purchased a PMD/OPS kit from A1customs last year and have been extremely satisfied with your product." | Chris F. |

"Good afternoon.  I bought your PDC/PMD unit a few years back.  The truck has been running great and has had "no" issues stalling."
PDC/PMD | Susan E. Whiting | 

 2009 Follow up to 2007 order >"the O.PS & WIRING & p.m.d. cooler and ign saver I can not complain. Your instructions were clear and easy to do.", "THANX FOR CHECKING ON A CUSTOMER."  |  Fire Department, Chief, Jeff M | Saskatchewan, Canada |

"I am very pleased with the quality of your products, it is great to see the pride you take in your work",
 PDC/PMD, OPSS, BOOST/FUEL CONTROL | Leon D | London, England UK

"Everything seems to work just fine. (over a year later) I am probably going to order some more stuff very soon."
 |  Ed C |  Guam | 2nd order |

 "Nice unit", "this one came with everything" and "easily intalled (installed) on the firewall, away from all the heat", "All I did was unplug the OEM PMD, connected the new harness to the old and plugged it into the new PMD. No way to contact by phone only by email. I needed the part ASAP and wired the money directly to his account. Once the money's were received I had the part the very next day." "I was a bit hesitant to hand over that amount of money but I needed the part quick and once in a while you have got to put your trust in something." (a forum post) "Thank you!" | PDC/PMD | RV | Rick | Nashville, NC

"motor fired 1st turn, thank you very much for a well researched product."
 PDC/PMD | 1995 Safari Trek Motorhome RV | Ken C | Scotland

"You sure know your stuff! Thank you" | Zuhair G | Casablanca, Morocco

"Thank you for responding to my questions. You have been the only one to give me  straight answers." | Gary L |

"As I have been scanning the net for knowledge on the 6.5 td motor I came across a company called SS Diesel they seem to list a good selection of parts but truly are not in the same game as far as helpful advice."
 Lou | Western Australia

Back "On December 30,2003, I PURCHASED THE FOLLOWING FROM YOU: PDC.PMD, OPS Saver, Boost Fuel controls, 4 inch exhasust (exhaust) It has worked grear (great) since install,"! | Dave M. |

 "The PMD worked great" Thank You 
Howard M., Chief,
Fire Company No. 1 | Pennsylvania, USA |


 "Nice to meet you in person on my trip to L.A. (Los Angeles)",
Follow up> "Spot on Jim, thank you"! | PDC/PMD, OPSS, ISS & BOOST/FUEL CONTROLS
 Hummer H1 | James J | Australia


 "I talked to my dealerships service manager and he said your product was good and you were definitly (definitely) telling the truth about the expense and difficulty about changing the factory PMD. I appreciate your truthfulness and cander. (candor) " | David L |

repeat customer, Repair Shop |  Italy


"Love your web sight", "I look forward to purchasing your advised upgrades to my 1997 1ton Chevy Express van  6.5 liter diesel." | Brian J. S.

"I made an order with you last year for a 1999 6.5l GM diesel pickup that I was working on. I need to order the exact same thing again for another truck."
PDC/PMD & OPSS | Ed C | Guam | Repeat Customer |

"First off you have a great idea to help all 6.5 owners with the boost and fuel controller." | Joel B |

"i can give you referrals of other hummer owners and a positive feedback on some of these forums these guys are bashing you on." | 2000 Hummer H1 | John A | CA


" i stop EVERY 6.5 td i see and talk about them and every one of them asks for mods", 'i WILL send them your way!" | 11/18/2008


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