Stock Air Filter Box

 Above picture shows the air intake diffuser aka "snorkel" in the fender, this is to reduce noise of air intake some truck do not have them, it is very restrictive and should be removed, to remove you need to remove the passenger side battery to access the Philips head screw the engages in the metal tab.

          air filter box fender-IAEI.jpg (70360 bytes)


          air filter box-IAEI.jpg (89404 bytes) 


NOTE: Clear tubing, brass fittings & gauge on rubber elbow is for custom prototype water injection system testing back in the day, and is not original equipment.

          air filter box2-IAEI.jpg (108409 bytes)


          air filter box4-IAEI.jpg (74457 bytes)


          air filter box6-IAEI.jpg (72743 bytes)


          air filter open-IAEI.jpg (96510 bytes)


          air filter open2-IAEI.jpg (93919 bytes)


          air filter open3-IAEI.jpg (76895 bytes)


          air filter box open fender1-IAEI.jpg (85173 bytes)


          air filter box inside2-IAEI.jpg (66779 bytes)


          air filter box inside fender connect-IAEI.jpg (66054 bytes)


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