Can't I just replace the stock PMD in the same location?
  Sure you can, but it is destine to fail again there and usually the replacement in that location seem to fail faster than the originals.

 For those reasons it is far more advantageous to go with our 'Plug 'n Play' TRUE REMOTE MOUNT product. By ordering with the PDC / PMD Remote Package will save you time and labor costs as compared to changing the stock location PMD, here is why:
  If you want to change the old injection pump mounted PMD
(NOT recommended) you will likely need to:
buy new intake manifold gaskets & sealer and maybe a top gasket 
remove the intake manifold top
remove the intake manifold
scribe and loosen the injection pump,
turn the injection pump,
remove PMD,
(hoping the Torx fasteners do not strip, and they often do making it a nightmare to repair!)
then turn pump back
reinstall intake with new gaskets and sealer
reinstall intake top with gasket

 A few hours shop labor usually at over $50 per hour, the cost of the parts and shop materials etc.. can come to $350.00 or more...
You can save some money if you are inclined to to the few hours work yourself, but then you will need to get the injection pump retimed 3.5 degrees and the TDC offset reset by a GM Dealer or shop with Tech 1a or 2 System Tool, can cost $100+ or more.

 Another thing to keep in mind if considering using the PMD from the pump is removing the PMD from the pump will likely void any injection pump or parts warranty as the PMD on it is part of it, not worth the risk or effort.

 All that is more costly and a lot more grief, and the unit would still be in the place destine to fail, therefore the smartest move is to order the PDC/PMD Remote Package for only $575.00 that INCLUDES the module GM has sold the module alone for OVER $515.00, but we offer the PMD for ONLY $295
(recent price increase beyond our control, but still better than GM).

 PMD Remote Harness is highly recommended as the stock harness very often comes up short. NOTE: Harness is NOT sold separately. The PDC/PMD Remote package includes the longer 30" PMD Remote Harness.  Other lengths can be made to order to accommodate various needs.

With the PDC/PMD Remote Package there is NO big mechanical work and NO adjustments required, a simple install even a novice can do.

 >>> The Higher Cost of using a 'cheaper' lesser quality product: If another product used that is even at 1/2 the price of ours, the PMD/FSD will likely fail on ANY of the other lower quality and inferior designed products, keep in mind that no other product has our track record or the proven design of the PDC/PMD Remote Package. So then when the PMD/FSD fails on an inferior product, you can then fix it correctly with the PDC/PMD Remote Package product and get a proven product and long lasting solution OR you will have to either buy another PMD/FSD and be at close to or more than the cost of just buying the PDC/PMD Remote Package product in the first place and then you'd have new PMD/FSD still on a low quality inferior design product destine to fail again. Therefore, it has proven to be wisest to just get the high quality designed PDC/PMD Remote Package in the first place to avoid the problems and added costs.
 We often sell our PDC/PMD Remote Package product to those who have had failures and repeated failures using other products, to those who either did not hear about our product or who chose to try a 'cheaper' product first, and that ended up costing them much more in the long run.
Often those people had additional costs too! Such as; Towing, Technician Diagnosis, Repair Bills, Rental cars and Work losses due to Vehicle Downtime! Then there is the safety factor as often we have heard of vehicles stalling suddenly when the PMD/FSD failed again on inferior products and the drivers having had accidents or close-calls.
 Compare the side-by-side Facts on the comparison chart on the
PDC/PMD Remote Package page and see why the PDC/PMD Remote Package is "the Best".



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