GM Stanadyne PMD / FSD modules

 We stock Stanadyne and other PMD / FSD modules for the GM 6.5 Diesel Engines.

The PMD (Pump Mounted driver) is also sometimes referred to as an FSD (Fuel Solenoid Driver).

 We have the LATEST and NEWEST Versions of the Stanadyne PMDs #39405 that are Gray in color, they call them "Bullet -Proof" and we had been testing them extensively before giving our stamp of approval of them for release to the public with our products. Unlike most other manufacturers or sellers cooler kits for PMDs/FSDs, we thoroughly and rigorously test everything before we put it on the market, including components from the OEM suppliers. The NEW PMDs are better but still, NO sensitive electrical injection parts or components should be in contact with any HOT metal parts of an engine, so of course our PMD/PMD Remote Package is still Highly Recommended. We stock the newer Gray PMDs, others selling cooler kits / low volume dealers are still selling the older black PMDs.

        Stanadyne Bullet Proof PMD/ FSD 39405 for GM 6.5 Diesel and GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel Engines, used by A1 Customs PMD cooler / FSD cooler.

 A few interesting notes about the new PMDs,

1) Is that the PMD bolt holes are now sleeved! This is something Jim did back when he invented and designed the first PDC cooler, later Jim determined it was not necessary with the way we install the PMDs on the PDC, but it is good that Stanadyne is making them this way now.

        Stanadyne Bullet Proof PMD / FSD sleeved bolt holes.
 Picture above is close up of bolt hole sleeve.

2) Stanadyne never seemed to ever admit that PMDs fail due to heat, but in the new advertisements and bulletins like their NO:226R1 for the new Gray PMDs they state "Many of the electrical components we changed for sustained operation at elevated temperatures", and "A softer potting material improves protection of circuit board form distortion during repeated thermal cycles."  If there was not a heat related problem then why the heat related improvements? Many feel if Stanadyne admitted that any fault of the initial design of mounting the driver on the injection pump, or reasons of failure, that they open themselves up for numerous lawsuits, class action or otherwise.

3) Oddly in some Stanadyne literature they now refer to the thin foil like gaskets they provide with the PMDs now as a "heat transfer pad", before they referred to it more properly as a "gasket". The gasket is still the same old thin foil like material that we deem not effective enough. We use our exclusive Special Heat Transfer Pad Material on our PDC/PMD Remote Package products. Previously their gasket had cutouts for the transistors, we never did that as it was determined immediately in our product development that was not the right way to effect proper heat transfer, about a year or so ago Stanadyne stopped cutting transistor holes in their gaskets.

4) Loctite thread sealer on the transistor threads, just as Jim figured out about over a decade ago.

 We are glad to see a much improved product, it was long over due, but better late than never, and we are glad to see some of Jim's design ideas incorporated in to Stanadyne's new product whether if by imitation or coincidence...

 The new Gray (grey) PMDs require a different connector and resistors, if using a previous PMD remote harness or Fuel Control, our products other than the connectors are still Fully Compatible with the Gray (grey) PMDs.

        New PMD connector soccket Stanadyen 39405 PMD /FSD for GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel and GM 6.5 Diesel Engines.
 Picture above shows the shape difference between the older and newer (mid 2009+) PMDs. The NEW Gray PMD terminals are Gold Plated to resist corrosion. We have rarely seen corrosion as an issue with Weather Resistant connectors in any application, and on our products we use generous amount of dielectric grease of which prevents corrosion and water intrusion.

        Fuel Calibration Resistors for Stanadyne PMD/FSD GM 6.5 Diesel and GM 6.5 Turbo Diesels
 Picture above is of Stanadyne Fuel Calibration Resistors for the PMD/FSD for the GM 6.5 Liter Diesel Engine's Electronic Fuel injection system. These resistors are included in the PDC/PMD Remote Package unless set up for use with the Boost/Fuel Control. Cost separately is only $19.95. Upper is for use in the older or aftermarket (not as good) Black PMDs and the lower is for use in the newer GRAY (grey) Latest Version Stanadyne PMDs.

 The new Stanadyne PMDs used a new PMD connector that is not compatible with the older connectors, the connector is also Gray in color. The Newer PMDs cost us more money but we have not yet increased the cost of our product, so order now before we must increase the price.

 NOTICE: There are a couple aftermarket PMDs on the market and we've tried those newcomer or unproven modules and do not find them to be as good as the Stanadyne units old version or new.
One aftermarket PMD came out and then much later was redesigned with a notch, it seems they designed their PMD taller than the OEM unit and it interfered with injection pump adjustment!, now when something that simple, obvious and important is missed and not tested before production, one has to wonder what other and more important things were overlooked in that product's design? Many of those earlier aftermarket PMDs were sold without the notch too, so those buyers were stuck... Those also are not sold for much less then the Stanadyne OEM units so it is a wonder how they can sell at all, the only time we saw decent price on those was on eBay and the seller was selling them for less than their manufacture sells to dealers for in Large Quantity Pricing! so one can only assume those were used or defective. The best way to go is with an OEM Stanadyne PMD on a properly designed PMD/FSD cooler from a legitimate seller where you can be assured that the PMDs are new. We stock and sell the NEW latest version #39405 Stanadyne PMDs and we ONLY sell NEW products.

Any sensitive electronics however are still at great risk of failing from heat, and any PMD is at substantially greater risk of failure if not mounted on a properly designed 'cooler' and unproven replacements seem to fail at a greater rate.

 WARNING:  There are some places selling used PMDs and even some reports stated them claiming they were new! some sell on eBay. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is... We sell NEW products ONLY!

 Whichever PMD / FSD all need to be mounted on a properly designed cooler as the key to avoid failure, as far as we know were are the only PMD cooling product manufacturer with a ZERO PMD failure rate!*


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