The higher future costs of using a cheaper PMD/FSD cooler kit for the GM 6.5 Diesel.

If another product that is even at 1/2 the price of ours, the PMD/FSD will likely fail on ANY of the other lower quality and inferior designed products, keep in mind that no other product has our track record or the proven design of the PDC/PMD Remote Package. So then when the PMD/FSD fails on an inferior product, you can then fix it correctly with the PDC/PMD Remote Package product and get a proven product and long lasting solution OR you will have to either buy another PMD/FSD and be at close to or more than the cost of just buying the PDC/PMD Remote Package product in the first place and then you'd have new PMD/FSD still on a low quality inferior design product destine to fail again. Click this link for Ebay feedback of that and other Ebay sellers of PMD coolers and other products for GM 6.5 Diesels.
 Therefore, it has proven to be wisest to just get the high quality designed PDC/PMD Remote Package in the first place to avoid the problems and added costs.

 We often sell our PDC/PMD Remote Package product to those who have had failures and repeated failures using other products, to those who either did not hear about our product or who chose to try a 'cheaper' product first, and that ended up costing them much more in the long run.
Often those people had additional costs too! Such as; Towing, Technician Diagnosis, Repair Bills, Rental cars and Work losses due to Vehicle Downtime! Then there is the safety factor as often we have heard of vehicles stalling suddenly when the PMD/FSD failed again on inferior products and the drivers having had accidents or close-calls.
 Compare the side-by-side Facts on the comparison chart below and see why the PDC/PMD Remote Package is "the Best".


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