WARNING: Due to some what seems to be all too typical and deliberate misinformation at a certain diesel page site, we felt the need to clarify, as time passes it appears that their story or at least some details change..., it seems they are still learning but still giving out info and it seems they are wanting it to be taken as gospel. Now as far as we keep hearing, they are NOT certified by GM, they are NOT GM Technicians and they are NOT even an ASE certified technician. First they said the control does not work, maybe because they could not figure it out how it works, but we really feel it is because they could not copy it. Then they said the control required a TDC offset learn procedure to read the resistor and recently they must have realized that yes indeed the PCM (vehicle computer) will read the fuel calibration resistance value, as it seems their stance has changed ever so slightly.

 It seems the numerous people and satisfied customers of ours who wrote in to forums about the Controls working great are ignored by them, and if at their site they edit and delete out, and even ban member's. So if you read only badmouthing, lies and slander about better products, vendors or manufacturers there, it is because praise and testimonials about superior products they do not or cannot sell, or that they cannot sell due to protection, or those their advertiser pal does not sell are quickly removed by the moderator's there who watch like hawks. There are other very reputable vendors and manufacturers who share our views of the dishonesty and deception at those so called discussion forums.   Our products are sold directly by us and therefore will NOT be sold via those discussion forums especially those of questionable ethics.. To Read more about "discussion forums" click here. 

 Also a point to mention is that some of the underhanded tactics used to try to undermine our business by saying we are; not real, operate out of an apartment or basement, and/or do not manufacture our products and other slander etc., so click this link to LOOK at our page; Invention, Design, Research, Development, Manufacturing and Testing and see the proof to the contrary, and ironically those guys selling, promoting and pushing that stuff and saying that rubbish are mostly operating out of rural farm areas from what appear to be small farm houses or from garages of homes as simple satellite map searches can prove! So be wary of what you read.

 So unfortunately it is up to you the consumer to decide who to believe, a site that charges you to read advertisements disguised as feature articles or product reviews to sell products and who deliberately keeps information from it's paying members OR do you believe someone who tells it like it is and has numerous satisfied customers.  It's your choice, and since you are reading this at least you have been given the chance to make an informed decision.

 About the Fuel Control, as stated, we recommend when making changes that you shut off the engine and restart to give the PCM a chance to read the resistance value.
The Fuel Control works well and allows the user the ability to change fuel setting either up or down from stock and you get 10 settings. 8 of which are stock settings similar to OEM fuel calibration resistors. Fact of the matter our fuel control works just like changing fuel calibration resistors, only much better and it's much easier.

 Fuel calibration resistors sell for about $30+ each so for the ten that would be $300.00+ or more, the highest setting on our control is NOT available and if so would likely sell for more than $30.00, more like $50.00, so really the "value" of the Boost/Fuel Control is over $300.00 for just the Fuel Control portion ONLY, but it is offered for less, BOTH the BOOST & FUEL CONTROLS products together are Only $400.00, SPECIAL INTERNET PRICE Only $349.99 so Order NOW!
or just the Fuel Control separately for NON-turbo GM 6.5 efi Diesel Engines, and sells for Only $230.00 SPECIAL INTERNET PRICE Only $195.99 so Order NOW
*all prices on web site are subject to change without notice, always email for accurate price quote and include your full address for proper shipping estimate.

 Also if you had all the OEM fuel calibration resistors they are small and could easily get lost or damaged as they are difficult to remove once installed in the PMD.
The Fuel Control has, NO small parts install, NO small parts to lose, but to add more fuel properly it is best to add more boost and therefore requires the Boost control, so we offer now offer BOTH the BOOST & FUEL CONTROLS TOGETHER are ONLY $349.99 at SPECIAL INTERNET PRICE.

 To change out a stock fuel calibration resistor one has to allow time to let things cool down to avoid burning themselves, then access the PMD and if injection pump mounted that can be an enormous task in itself, then have to fish out the resistor off the delicate pins in the PMD connector, keeping in mind ruin a pin and you ruin the expensive pmd, and then be careful not to break the circuit board of the resistor if you plan to reuse it, this can be a major pain in the butt! So this is not something one can do quickly, safely or would want to do often as that site would have you believe.
Now by drastic contrast, with the Fuel Control
to change settings you simply turn a dial from the comfort and safety of the driver's seat inside the truck, a lot easier, no fuss, no muss.






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