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 IMPORTANT NOTICE : For the LOW internet pricing ALL inquiries and orders MUST be made via Email or Postal Mail ONLY.
 Phone orders, Will Call or Walk-in sales are NOT at the LOW internet prices on this website*.
The phone number is listed specifically for Tech & Product Support of DELIVERED products ONLY!
 If no answer, be sure to leave a Brief Message of the reason for or nature of your call and be sure to leave;
Your Name, Your Telephone Number, EMAIL address and best times to reach you, as well.

Incomplete messages will not get a reply.

 *For the LOW internet pricing we do orders via Email or Postal Mail, this is because we can offer the lower cost as those orders do not go through our retail processing, via phones, office staff working the phones and related expenses etc. all those things/steps add costs, so when orders are made via the internet or mail we can process as time permits and we pass the savings on to YOU the consumer as lower prices.
 Our ordering is tried and true, and it works well, and those looking for the best products at the best prices, ordering ours via email or postal mail is the way to go...

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