Badhta Bihar is an initiative with the view of promoting all-round development around the state. We are keeping the close eye on every new milestone our state is accomplishing. All round development of state and its citizens are the prime motives of Badhta Bihar.

Exploring The Potential

Our state has many potentials to become the best in various sectors like tourism, education, businesses, and employment. Although we are lacking in just to pitch in the right direction. With the help of young generation, we can remove the taboo of being a bad state in the country.

Bihar have a diverse culture and festivals yet to be known by the world. Badhta Bihar will extract the uniqueness of it and put it in front of everyone to get the attention they deserve. Bihar is also the place of its incredible history, various events in past have played an important role in the development of our nation. We will uncover the depth of those events also.

Stay tuned to us and uncover all the happenings of our state from different corners of it.

If you have any query or want to share something with us, feel free to contact us.