IMPORTANT WARNINGS:  about KNOCKOFFS, UNauthorized COPIES or INFERIOR Products for the GM  6.5 Diesels.

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  We'd like to start off by stating that we do not care to speak bad about anyone ever, and would really rather not, however we are compelled to do so for 2 reasons;
    1) When good people have been and are being taken advantage of, misled or cheated, we feel an obligation to society to make people in the diesel community aware of dishonest or questionable products or unethical business practices. Obviously it is a scam if someone (a seller or their salesman) promises that a cheaper product will work great like a better product, but it does not live up to the promise or customer expectation, as a result good people end up spending money on cheap stuff that is ineffective, improper or even potentially harmful! Then the good customer has to go and buy the better product that they would have got in the first place had they know the cheaper one was not going to work properly. We sell plenty of products to customers who have bought cheap or lesser quality items the first time around, it ends up costing them almost double in the long run because they bought something essentially worthless the first time from another vendor and then had to buy quality the next time around.
2) Is that often it seems those guys were unethically posting slanderous lies on a few diesel forums badmouthing Jim and our products to try to sell theirs, so here we clear the air and set the facts straight on that nonsense. You will have the information to understand a bit about who they are, what they do, and why they do it, and you can read the facts about why some of their products are not good and in fact in some cases can be harmful or dangerous!

 Please be sure to read the the important notice near the end of this page, it is a paragraph about why you would not want to use an inferior cooler product on your GM 6.5 Diesel engine. This page lists some of the knockoffs more about why they will not work as good or not properly, and a dates of their site's domain name creation so you can determine who had what and when. Keep in mind that no other product we know of has our ZERO PMD failure rate!*

 This is sort of a timeline list of how the knockoffs came along;

 There is a character selling a knockoff/copycat style copy of our PMD remote harness and who also now also tries to copy our "Package" and he recommends you install the 'cooler' he sells by the vehicle battery! That is NOT wise by any means as the very corrosive vapors (acids) coming off of the battery as a normal part of the charging process are not good for electronics and wiring, as most of us know by how battery cables tend to get corrosion and crust up etc. The last thing you should want is the wiring and sensitive PMD module and computer controls for the fuel system anywhere near the battery! One should question the knowledge and credibility of any person suggesting such nonsense, or avoid them.
Also the way he recommends/shows it installed, the cooling fins are facing the rear of the vehicle and get next to no airflow, if any. and then once the battery is reinstalled it is essentially blocked! 
 In another instance that other cooler is shown on the inner fender well, that too is another location that is NOT smart seeing how water, corrosive road salts, road oils and other junk that comes up from the road in to fender area.
 If one were to try to put that other cooler in the best location, which by the way is on the firewall, then that cooler's fins would be running the WRONG way! for proper cooling, so it seems there is little choice than to put that cooler in a less than desirable location, To mount that cooler you'd need to fiddle with ways to do it as it 's drilled with holes for mounting to 2 of the engine's intake manifold top bolts, as that's where that cooler is designed to be mounted. That other product also has less fins and cooling area over the important PMD transistor areas.
 Simply put, that other cooler is was NOT designed for nor suited for remote mounting, and should be avoided as their are many reported failures.
 That product is sold out of Wisconsin, but seems to be sometimes sold via other sites from different areas, so be careful! the cooler is black in color.
    The domain name for that site was created on 08/24/2000,
shortly after making incorrect knockoffs/copies of Jim's products.

 UPDATE-1: There is another knockoff/copycat type product, it uses a harness over 40" of which is not recommended and also he advises the unit be mounted under the front bumper! an area exposed to the elements and can be in harms way!  The PMD is an electronic part and is NOT waterproof! so proper mounting location is critical.
sold from the WA State area.
    The domain name for that site was created on 04/07/2003. Keep in mind that Jim designed these products in 1997! Jim old site's domain was created on 07/08/1998.

 UPDATE-2: There is yet another knockoff/copycat type product, sold from the NY State area, but maybe sold via other sites/areas. That site also states that the PMD is not effected by external or engine heat, well as common sense would indicate and backed up by the real facts, heat from any source will effect how quickly and how much hotter the PMD / FSD gets! So if you read something like that on a site, take it for what it is sales propaganda and move on to a reputable site. That seller's also states that there is no strain on the OEM harness when using his intake mount product, but yet later added and now sells a 8" harness extension, hmmm, that has to make you wonder.. This same guy bought our PDC pump driver cooler product only to try to copy it minus our key design features and the result was a cheap copy far inferior to our design... higher profits for him but surely not good for his customers,.. Many reports of failures with that product. This seller peddles on Ebay. Click this link for Ebay feedback of that and other Ebay sellers of PMD coolers and other products for GM 6.5 Diesels.
    The domain name for that site was created on 10/21/2003, and about a year after ordering a PDC from Jim so he could try to copy it.

 UPDATE-3:  and there's another now from NH, and another offering a to long and not need over 40" harness! YIKES! The domain name for that site was created on 02/07/2006 site and products came much later, not long a go at all.   The PMD is an electronic part and is NOT waterproof! so proper mounting location is critical.

 UPDATE-4:  It seems in recent years a few various shoddy or cheap knockoff type coolers have popped up on Ebay, and some of the sellers have come and gone with people cash, it should seem obvious just by looking at those sold on Ebay compared to quality products that they could not function nearly as well or properly. One Ebay seller and peddler in Canada is even selling USED PMDs! PMDs fail due to heat and most are already in the beginnings of heat damage in a relatively short time, and PMDs that are used should definitely be avoided, that's a 'no-brainer' like worn out Used Tires with their belts showing!
What is somewhat amusing or disturbing depending on how you look at it, is that the harness and cooler is a Made in China knockoff of another knockoff!
The seller appears to be from China but operating out of a P.O. Box in Canada and not the USA, of which is very odd considering the main market for the product would be in the USA, the reason could be to avoid prosecution from the USA
(like scammers posting slander from Canadian or other non-US internet service providers.)  Click this link for Ebay feedback of that and other Ebay sellers of PMD coolers for GM Diesels.
lso amusing or disturbing is the copy of poor location idea, as that seller also shows/advises the unit be mounted in a front bumper hole! an area exposed to the elements and can be in harms way!  The PMD is an electronic part and is NOT waterproof! so proper mounting location is critical. Also they sell a 72" long extension harness! well past the recommended maximum of 40".
    The domain name for that site was created on 03/19/2007, only a short time ago.

 The lesser designs and poor recommend mounting location of those above listed products is quite sad and kind of scary considering they expect people to pay good money for them, so we hope we have given a good enough explanation of why those designs are not best, and you can have more details to make a proper decision as an educated consumer. Our products and designs have proven themselves in over a Decade of time with NO failures of a PMD on our PDC!
Look over our products and some have comparison charts comparing FEATURES side by side to nearest 'competing' product, like on our PDC/PMD Remote Package page and if you have any questions, feel free to email us, we're here to help! Sales(AT)


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