Intercooler for GM 6.5 Turbo Diesels

 The intercoolers being sold specifically for the GM 6.5TD as far as we know ALL mount in the same poor location where the optional factory GM skid-plate goes.
Some things to consider...

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  1. Cost, we can get you the intercooler but they are $1,500.00 ! but read here about why we do NOT advise them on the 6.5 Diesels.
  2.  On the GM 6.5 it mounts in harms way where the GM factory installed 'skid-plate' option goes, not the best place for a $1,500.00 item.
  3.  Takes up underhood space and often creates additional cost when servicing or repairs are done because of added removal and replacement labor times.
  4. Pipes connections loosen up requiring added maintenance.
  5.  Intercooler gets plugged up with bugs and road debris and requires regular cleaning,
  6.  Looses a lot of effectiveness when you need it most, going up a steep hill when vehicle speed is down.
  7.  Turbo-lag can be a big factor as the turbo has to "fill-up' all that added volume created by adding and routing all that piping.
  8.  Makes the turbo work harder since the turbo has to force the air across the restrictive heat-exchanger. more work makes the turbo hotter, and reduces that expensive part's life expectancy.
  9.  Location on GM 6.5 has the intercooler at an angle and not near vertical so it's effectiveness is decreased.
  10.  Always on, can be too cool in wintertime, even in the South.

      For these reasons we strongly recommend avoiding and intercooler on a GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel, The Water-Mist-injection eliminates ALL of those problems, costs less and IMHO much more effective. You can also add alcohol to the mix to acts as an anti-freeze, but it also adds power since it is a fuel, so that's another plus+!
     We've used intercoolers on various engine applications and they do work well if positioned correctly and for the right vehicle, most vehicles the GM 6.5 TD come in are NOT applications that make good use of an expensive intercooler.

     Anyone trying hard to sell you on an intercooler for the GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel I'd think is only after one thing only- Your Money.
      We can sell you an intercooler but have stated the many points on why it is not the best choice. The profit on an intercooler is almost as much as the full retail price of our Water-Mist-injection, but we prefer our customers to be happy with their purchases and hope they share their success story with their friends, and then come back to buy more items they can use.

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